Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have childcare? We do not have childcare available during our gatherings. This is something we hope to provide in the future. Until then, please make your babysitting arrangements early for your older infants, toddler-age children and older, so you can attend. Nursing infants are welcome.

Why should I come? Ministry is a unique calling for both our husband and the wife. The Embrace Network was designed with you in mind. Ministry wives find themselves pouring into and investing in the lives of people in our churches and often times find ourselves tired, weary and worn out. These gatherings provide an atmosphere of encouragement, prayer and mutual fellowship with other women who can relate. By attending, we hope you will be refreshed and renewed. This is also a great opportunity to meet other ministry wives in your cities.

Why do you host your gatherings in different churches? The Embrace Network believes in the mission of the local church. We host our gatherings in different churches in our cities as a way of uniting one another in the Gospel. Often times churches can compete with one another or even separate themselves from one another because of denominations, philosophies or theology. We believe we are all on the same team. Every church is different in their DNA, but what unites us is the Gospel and advancing God’s Kingdom here on earth. We love collaborating with Bible believing churches who are reaching their cities for Christ…it’s more fun that way!

What happens during an Embrace Gathering? Our hope and prayer is to provide an atmosphere of encouragement for each ministry wife that attends. We typically have a time of networking with other ministry wives, a time to sing worship songs, a time to pray for one another, and a teaching from a local Pastor’s wife. In addition, we sometimes highlight local ministries or wife’s who want to serve you with fun information.

How can I start an Embrace Network in my city? If you are interested in starting an Embrace Network in your hometown, please email Melissa Elswick at melissaelswick(at)gmail(dot)(com) for more information.